Monday, April 22, 2013

Doing our Part for Mother Earth

I love this plaque (available at the winery) to honor Earth Day.  

Wine is one of many reasons we all need to do our part to protect Mother Earth.  Here at Fireside, we do our part by recycling.  Not only do we recycle cardboard, aluminum and plastic containers, we also collect all glass materials including our bottles and send them to a local redemption center where it is crushed down to be made into new glass products.  

I found this interesting article from the National Geographic about glass container recycling .  The article  stated, "Unlike many other recyclables, glass can be recycled an unlimited number of times."

Recycled Glass Container at Fireside Winery

Another green initiative Fireside Winery practices is using steam to clean our wine storage tanks and equipment.  Last year we invested in a new steam cleaning system.  Steam created by this system sterilizes the equipment without the use of harsh and environmentally harmful chemicals so we are able to reduce the amount of toxins that could potentially impact our air and water quality.  

One of the main themes you'll find on our Pinterest page is to reuse many of wines bi-products (i.e. barrels, corks and bottles) to create beautiful things for your home or garden.  We invite you to check out our many pins but here are just a few of our favorites.

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