Monday, March 26, 2012

Wine Art Contest Results

Fireside Winery's first Wine Art Contest was a success with several dozen entries and nearly 100 votes cast. Listed below are the category winners:

Cork Art - Pat Ganzer Holland
Bottle Art - Rick Andrews
Photography - Julie Staub
Painting - Heather Day - Best of Show
Wearable Art - Two Grammas Quilting

Heather Day - "Cozy by the Fireside" - Category Winner & Best of Show
Selection of Wine Art
Rick Andrews - Wind Walking Wine Tree (Category Winner)

Mixed media

Cork art

Photo (center) - Julie Staub - "Wine Glass" - Category Winner

Cork art

Bottle Art, Wearable Art, and Photograph

Wall of art
We want to thank everyone who participated in our Wine Art Contest.  We are impressed with your artistic skills and appreciate your willingness to share your pieces with us.  

Thank you!

Fireside Wines on Vacation

We're always happy to hear that you're giving Fireside wines as gifts, taking them to friends homes to share, and even taking them on vacation.  

Here are a few snapshots taken by Fireside Winery friends recently.  

Fireside Wines on Vacation

Dolce St. Croix on Vacation with Pat & Jean in Florida!

Stephanie A. and her sweetheart take Spark on a cruise.
On the Carnival Magic, in the Gulf of Mexico on the way to Jamaica.

Docked in Cozumel Mexico, with the Carnival Conquest in the background

We love being a part of your life together -- from the beginning.

Cozumel in the background. Took this bottle to dinner with us to enjoy on the night we got engaged.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New White Wine - Tasting Trial

We were proud to host our first-ever white wine tasting trial this past weekend for lovers of sweeter-styled white wines.  

From 11am through 6pm we hosted groups of Fireside fans for a taste testing event.  Four examples of a new white wine were sampled and participants judged each for preference and suggested possible names. 

Thank you for sharing this experience with us and we thoroughly value your opinions.  Below are a few of the photographs we shot during the event.

The Tasting Table
Four wines to sample
Fireside owner, Bill Wyant, greets guests
11am group samples wine

the judges table
Brad and Cassie talk about the process
Wine evaluators
Sensory Analysis
Brad in teaching mode
Final session of the day
Visual inspection
Wine Tasting at Fireside Winery