Monday, March 5, 2012

New White Wine - Tasting Trial

We were proud to host our first-ever white wine tasting trial this past weekend for lovers of sweeter-styled white wines.  

From 11am through 6pm we hosted groups of Fireside fans for a taste testing event.  Four examples of a new white wine were sampled and participants judged each for preference and suggested possible names. 

Thank you for sharing this experience with us and we thoroughly value your opinions.  Below are a few of the photographs we shot during the event.

The Tasting Table
Four wines to sample
Fireside owner, Bill Wyant, greets guests
11am group samples wine

the judges table
Brad and Cassie talk about the process
Wine evaluators
Sensory Analysis
Brad in teaching mode
Final session of the day
Visual inspection
Wine Tasting at Fireside Winery

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