Thursday, February 28, 2013

Free Wine in March

Well, that's one way to look at the savings potential during our bi-annual Case Sale weekend.  How is that, you ask?  Well on the weekend of March 22-24, Fireside Winery will be having its ever popular, bi-annual CASE SALE.  Case purchases (12 bottles or more) will receive a 20% discount.  If you figure the average cost of a bottle is $12, the 20% off savings for a case would be about $28.  So you see, the savings equals a little more than 2 bottles of wine for that particular case.  Now that's a deal worth driving for. 

Case Sale Weekend  March 22-24
We often get asked if the cases can be mixed and yes, they certainly can.  Also, Fan Club members may renew their memberships during this time if their within they're renewal period (call the winery if you're not sure).   We will not, however, enroll new Fan Club members during this weekend at the 20% discount.  To become a Fan Club member during the Case Sale weekend, the first case must be purchased with the normal 10% discount.

Fireside Winery offers the bi-annual case sales in March and November of each year.  This year's Spring Case Sale happens to be the weekend before Easter, a holiday where wine is commonly enjoyed with the festive meal.  Ham is often served during the Easter holiday. For white wine pairing ideas, we suggest our BLU, Firefly or Storyteller. These slightly sweet wines will be a great balance to the saltiness of the ham.  If you prefer red wines, we suggest a lighter styled red such as our Hearthstone or Frontenac that wouldn't overpower the meat.  And for dessert, forget that huge chocolate bunny you've been eyeing in your kid's Easter basket, and go for your own heavenly delight with a glass of our new chocolate and raspberry infused dessert wine, Sweetheart.  

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