Saturday, March 12, 2011

Retailer Spotlight: L Marie Boutique (Vinton, IA)

We want to recognize and highlight our retail friends who carry Fireside Winery wines.  If it is not convenient to stop by the winery to resupply your wine closet, cellar or cubby, then we want to make sure you have a locally available source to find our wines.

This morning I stopped by L Marie Boutique, located on 4th street in Vinton, to catch up with Lisa, the shop owner.  The first thing you notice upon entering L Marie Boutique is the great selection of items they carry.  Of course, my wine-eye always scans for the wine section.  Lisa does such a nice job of decorating her store and the Fireside Winery wines are beautifully displayed. 

Providing visitors with a taste of Fireside Winery wines gives her new wine customers a taste-test of our wines.  For those who already enjoy Fireside Wines it is just convenient to stop by L Marie to pick up a bottle or two, or case of their favorites: BLU, Firely, Storyteller, Serenade, Hearthstone, Edelweiss, Seyval and CoCo. 

If you live in or near (or want to take a road trip, for that matter) Vinton (Benton County, NE of Cedar Rapids), then make sure to stop by L Marie Boutique and find our wines.  Tell Lisa we sent ya!

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