Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NEW: Grape Vine Planning

This morning Bill (the owner) and his crew were working out back behind the winery and flagging where the next addition to our vineyard will be planted.  In the upcoming month we'll be planting about an acre of Brianna, a white wine grape here, and more grapes back at our Brickyard Hill Vineyard.

This first photo (above) shows the location of where both vines and trellis system will be placed.  Brianna (below) is a wonderful and prolific white grape making delicious fruity styled wines.

The next picture (below) is looking looking west (from the Veranda).  In addition to the Brianna we will also be planting another 1.5 acres of Marquette (red wine grape) adjacent to our Brickyard Hill Vineyard (closer to Marengo).  Each acre of grapes will ultimately yield about 3-5 tons of grapes!!

Finally, it may be early spring but we're really gearing up to have a wonderful event season.  And in case you want to extend your personal wine-season, we've enclosed (temporarily) our back porch so you can enjoy the warmth of our fireplace and the scenery while sipping your favorite Fireside Wines.

Hope to see you soon.

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