Saturday, May 11, 2013

Night Sky Adventure at Fireside Winery

If you love stargazing, have an urge to learn more about astronomy or are just looking for a unique experience, then join us on this special evening.   Astronomy Club members will be on hand to answer questions and guide our eyes through the night sky. They will also be bringing a telescope or two to share with the public for the evening.

We will start making our way to the observation area behind the Winery around 8:30 pm, but you're welcome to show up anytime that evening as we'll leave the doors open after 6:00 pm. You might want to arrive a bit early to allow time to "discover" the perfect wine for stargazing!
There is no cost to attend this event; however, we would prefer reservations so please email Cassie Bott, or call the winery at 319-662-4222.

We suggest bringing the following items with you:

-Flashlight for walking. We'll keep as many lights off as possible to enhance your sky gazing experience.
-A chair or blanket for sitting.
-Binoculars for viewing.
-Long pants and sweatshirt, weather permitting.
-Bug spray if you're susceptible to getting bites.
For more information on the Iowa City Astronomy Club visit: 

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