Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Want to Help Us Craft a New Wine?

New Wine Tasting Trial
Fireside Winery
DATE: Saturday, March 3rd
TIME: 4 sessions (11a,12p, 2p, 3p)
LOCATION: 1755 P Ave., Marengo, IA 52301

Typically when Fireside Winery launches a new wine the management team gathers together and talks and tastes through the wines and selects a favorite. But this time we wanted to give our Facebook Fans a unique opportunity to experience what it's like to craft a new wine.

The Process: Participants will gather together in our cellar to taste and evaluate a new, sweeter-style white wine. As a member of our "taste team" you'll try five different samples and provide us with feedback on your preferences. Following the taste trial we'll also ask for your opinion on potential names for this new wine (and please feel free to give us your ideas too).

The Dates & Times: The Tasting Trail will take place on Saturday, March 3rd (4 different sessions, 45 minutes each). Maximum number of session participants: 12
  • Session 1 - 11-11:45am
  • Session 2 - 12-12:45pm
  • Session 3 - 2-2:30pm
  • Session 4 - 3-3:30pm
Eligibility: Exclusively for Facebook Fans and Fireside Fan Club members.

How to Register: Each session is limited to the first 12 registrants (no more than two persons per registration). Submit your name (and guest name, if applicable), hometown, phone number, and session preferences (indicate first, second, and third preference) via email to:

Registrants will be notified at least one week prior to the event and asked to confirm their attendance. Questions should be directed to Brad Johnson at

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