Friday, July 22, 2011

Will Work For Wine? -- Fireside Wine Ambassador Program

NEXT TRAINING - Sept. 14th (6:30-9:00pm)

Our wine friends frequently tell us how they'd love to work behind the tasting bar or at a wine tasting event.  We've figured out a way to bring our most vocal supporters into the wine industry through an innovative volunteer program called, "Fireside Wine Ambassador Program".

Our hope is to find our most ardent fans and equip them (through wine education, training, and wine tasting supplies) to, a couple times a month, help us by conducting wine tastings on our behalf at a retail outlet near where you live.

You won't get rich by doing this, but you will have fun, meet nice and interesting people, and as our slogan goes you "will work for wine"! :)

Below is a more formal description of our program.  If you're interested, read on...share with other Fireside wine fans, and if you're ready to join us, contact us soon because training will begin shortly.

Fireside Wine Ambassadors

Volunteer Program

The Fireside Wine Ambassador Volunteer Program is designed to identify, train and ultimately staff off-site tastings and events with our most ardent supporters.  Volunteers will need to agree to serve wine at two events per month.

Fireside Wine Ambassadors Are…
  • ·         Vocal supporters of Fireside Winery
  • ·         Passionate about Fireside wines
  • ·         People who want to share their knowledge of wines
  • ·         Interested in learning more about wine, winemaking and the Fireside Story
  • ·         Fans who represent Fireside Winery during off-site tastings and events
Prior to your first solo off-site tasting/event each Ambassador will need to complete the following: 1) attend a Fireside Winery wine education program (includes: winery tour, wine 101, and basics of wine service); 2) assist during an off-site tasting/event with a trained Fireside employee.

There are several benefits to being a Fireside Wine Ambassador.  It’s fun!  Hosting a wine tasting at a local retailer, pouring samples and describing Fireside wines is just plain fun!  In addition to being our vocal advocate in the community, you’ll gain a new level of appreciation and understanding for the wine industry in general and Fireside Winery in particular. 

One of the benefits of serving as a Fireside Wine Ambassador is the opportunity to access our wine industry training program, via Today’s Wine Professional.  This 15 hour online Winery Tasting Room Service Training is organized to take you through basic wine production information (e.g., how red wine production differs from white wine production), sparkling wine production, wine sensory analysis, health benefits and history of the wine industry, and finally how to properly serve wine to customers.  The online format, using YouTube video instruction and online assessment ensure you have every opportunity to learn as much as you can about the world of wine. 

At Fireside you’ll be treated like family – employee discount prices on wine purchases, use of wine glasses during our special events, and other ambassador benefits.  Moreover, each year we will host a Wine Ambassadors Night during the summer season to show you our appreciation.

Fireside Winery Wine Ambassadors are volunteer off-site tasting representatives.  In addition to the benefits described above, as a Wine Ambassador you’ll receive the following volunteer compensation:
  • One complimentary Fireside bottle of wine for each 2-3 hour event you volunteer
  • Complimentary Fireside Winery “I Work for Wine” t-shirt
  • Fireside Winery Name badge
  • Two  free passes to Fireside Winery special events (e.g., Tropical Iowan Night)
  • Earn special bonuses for your annual Wine Ambassador service:
    • After 5 events – Complimentary appetizer and two glasses of wine at Fireside
    • After 10 events – Friday Night Live: free catered dinner for two and bottle of wine
    • Additional bonuses to come…

FINALLY...If you are interested in learning more or would like to attend an upcoming training session, please contact Brad Johnson at


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