Saturday, April 2, 2011

WeTube on YouTube!

We recently created a Fireside Winery YouTube channel as a way to tell our story, share our daily goings' on, and to exercise our new digital video flip camera!

Just this week we've been very busy around the vineyard with early spring maintenance and spraying.  In this first video, a team of vineyard management specialists prune our 13+ acre Brickyard Hill Vineyard (about 4 miles from our winery).

The second video features winery owner, William Wyant, taping/tying the cordon (the horizontal branches of the grapevine to the trellis wire.

This last video (we have others available to view) shows our vineyard manager spraying our demonstration vineyard (the one in front of the winery) with a lime-sulfur mist. This spraying helps alleviate "Phylloxera", a pest that attacks the leaves and roots of grapevines; without our plants will become damaged and result in substantially lower yields.

We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel and subscribe (and get notifications of new postings).

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